Our core values

Practising the values that made us successful

Our core values – or, better said, our winning values – were around long before we put them onto paper. After all, it was practising those values that made us successful. That built a broad, solid base of steady and new clients beneath us, keeping us in tip-top form. That prepares us to take the next step in this millennium.

Shareholder value and quick wins mean nothing to us

Nonetheless, it took us a while to express our core values in words. You are the way you are, after all, and it is not usually something you stop to think about.

Verkooijen is a family business, with all the associated advantages. We never have to worry about trivial things like our share price tomorrow or at the end of the year. The idea of shareholder value makes us scratch our heads in confusion. And quick wins too. We don’t go after fast cash; we pursue quality and strong, long-term relationships.

Continuity and long-term relationships

Continuity is very important to us: in our company, with our clients, for our personnel, and for our future position. Everything we think and do is based on that desire. And it shows: in our people, in our systems, in the way we work and communicate. Our core values, as visualised here, are no more and no less than a reflection of that. A reflection of what we have been doing for decades, day in, day out.

If these values match your experience of us, now or in the future, please spread the word. If any one of them doesn’t ring a bell, please let us know – clearly and immediately. That’s how we learn and improve; your feedback can only make us better. And that is good for continuity – yours and ours alike.


Latest news

Recently we launched e-booking: the button underneath will forward you to our online timelock-reservation system.