(Re)packing and reconditioning

Repacking and reconditioning

Big bags, octabins, boxes, and bags: we can pack and repack practically all your materials in the size and shape your customer requests, regardless of their original format.
We can take them in bulk, from a silo, from big bags, octabins, boxes, or bags and package them based on either weight or volume. During the filling process, we can also dedust, sieve, or demetallise, your product as desired. After filling, you can add a protective sleeve or plastic wrapping.



If your cargo has been poorly packaged, damaged, or contaminated, reconditioning is an efficient solution.
We can take goods that have been soiled, contaminated, broken, or damaged and repack them so they are once again saleable. For example, suppose you have a lot of eighteen pallets, two of which have been heavily damaged during transport. We can instantly repackage those two pallets, so they are once again in perfect condition and your profit margin stays intact.

Next to repacking and reconditioning, we can also provide your own house style on the packaging? Customised stickers or labels? No problem: you ask, Verkooijen delivers!

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