80.000m2 storage space and warehouse

We have more than 80.000 square meters of storage space in Hoogstraten and Meer, which we rent out for both temporary and long-term use.

Temporary and long-term storage

Our warehouses offer a variety of options for storing your lots of plastics, rubber, polymers, paper, and animal nutrition. Particularly in combination with our other specialised logistics services such as packing, repacking, reconditioning, and upgrading (sieving, dedusting, demetallising, and homogenising), you're sure to find the ideal solution for your needs. That's what we mean at Verkooijen when we say value added logistics: everything we do ultimately translates into (added) value for your goods.

A passion for plastics since 1977

For more than forty years, we have specialised in upgrading our customers plastic granules and regrind, a service we call Value Added Logistics. We add value in the following ways:

  • homogenising
  • dedusting
  • sieving
  • demetallising
  • drying
  • storage and transloading
  • packing and repacking
  • stocking, distribution, and transport
  • quality control and customer service
  • warehouse management system

Where we excel: We can upgrade 10 to 100 tonnes of plastic granules and regrind from off-spec to near-prime quality in an extremely short time, significantly increasing the value of your plastics.

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storage capacity 75.000 m2 storage capacity 75.000 m2
warehousing warehousing
upgrading upgrading
transport and distribution transport and distribution

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