Dedusting plastic granules and regrind

Dedusting plastic granules and regrind is one of our specialties, and we have been doing it since 1977. Minor irregularities are a dangerous form of contamination, should they ever reach your or your customers extruders and injection moulding machines. Processing dust-contaminated plastic granules or regrind in extruders or injection moulders can have serious consequences, resulting in delays, production stops, machine damage, or scrap. We eliminate these unwelcome problems for you with rapid, flexible, personalised service at competitive prices.

Dedusting = Adding value = Increasing margin

Dedusting not only prevents damage during the manufacturing process; it also greatly increases the value of your originally contaminated plastic granules or regrind. In just a few days, we can upgrade your granules or regrind from off-spec to near-prime – for a fraction of the increase in value. The specific cost-to-value ratio differs from lot to lot, but a quick assessment by one of our specialists will let you know just where things stand. From experience, we know that the ratio nearly always produces a smile – on your face, to be specific. And then on ours, because we love our work! It is funny, actually: you go home with less (weight) than you came with, and it generates appreciably more income . . . that is how we do maths in Hoogstraten. Our customers love the way we calculate.

Our dedusting system

Verkooijen owns a custom-built dedusting system with a capacity of about 5 tonnes of contaminated plastic granules or regrind per hour.
The dedusting system has been specially designed to dedust a wide variety of plastic granule and regrind compositions, in a way that does not damage the material and minimises internal friction to prevent the formation of angel hair. Smart technology ensures that the inevitable static charge is eliminated, so that the dust can be effectively removed from the granules or regrind.


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