Logistic services

Logistic services
In the total package of services, we also offer a number of value added services, which deserve special attention in this chapter. These activities underline the fact that in Verkooijen, you have a partner that offers you partial and total solutions in the field of warehousing, upgrading and transport.

A brief summary of our logistic services:

  • loading and unloading bulk trailers
  • loading and unloading bulk containers
  • packaging, rewrapping, repacking
  • bagging

Loading and unloading bulk trailers

We load bulk trailers on a daily basis with plastic granules, regrind and powders. Once they are unloaded, we can temporarily store your goods in a silo, or immediately package them into your specified packaging. Loading bulk trailers is done from bags, big bags, octabins, silos or from a container.


Loading and unloading bulk containers 

We load bulk containers with professional experts who ensure fast and clean mechanical loading. Plastic granules, regrind and powders are our way of life. And that is in your interests: short waiting times and great efficiency!


We load all types of bulk containers: 20’, 30’ and 40’.

  • bulk containers with manholes in the roof
  • bulk containers with one or more unloading hatches in the doors.

Unloading is done quickly, cleanly and efficiently. You can opt for immediate packaging in any required packaging, labelled to specifications and if necessary, stored temporarily or for the longer term in our 60,000 m2 (conditioned) warehouses.


We unload all types of bulk containers.

  • bulk containers with an unloading hatch over the entire width of the container
  • bulk containers with an unloading hatch at the front of the container.


Packaging, rewrapping, repacking

We can package, rewrap and repack your products and materials into big bags, octabins or boxes. We can fill virtually all your materials in the shape required by your customer, such as big bags, octabins, boxes and bags. Regardless of how you deliver: in bulk, from a silo, big bags, octabins, boxes or bags.

We can fill on weight as well as on volume. If necessary, we can de-dust, sieve or de-metallise during filling.



Bagging granules, regrind or powders is done using two fully automatic packaging lines, into e.g.:

  • 20-25 kg bags, valve or open mouth
  • 20-25 kg cartons
  • big bags in all sizes
  • inliner bags 20’.

Filling is done on an FFS machine, followed by a palletising machine and a shrink-wrap machine, per line.

If required, we can print a batch number, a date, a producer, or whatever you like on the bags, in order to keep your goods traceable. The packaging can also have your corporate identity. While filling, we take random samples to verify the quality in our laboratory.

Delivery can be done from silo, in bulk, big bags, octabins, boxes or bags. That makes no difference to us at all.

That is the strength of Verkooijen!


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