Bagging using automated packaging lines

We bag your granules, regrind, and powders (in, say, 25-kg bags) using two fully automated packaging lines.
We use an FFS machine to fill them, followed by a palletiser and a shrink-sleeve machine for each line. If you so desire, we will print a lot number, date, manufacturer, or whatever information you’d like onto the bags, so that your goods remain easily traceable. We can also sample your product during the filling process for quality control in our lab. It doesn’t matter how you deliver your goods to us: from a silo, in bulk, in big bags, octabins, boxes, or bags.

Would you like to use your own house style on the packaging?
Customised stickers or labels? No problem: you ask, Verkooijen delivers!

Latest news

Recently we launched e-booking: the button underneath will forward you to our online timelock-reservation system.