Demetallising lots between 10 and 125 tonnes

Demetallising your lots of contaminated plastic granules and regrind is an absolute must, to keep dirty product from reaching your extruders and injection moulding machines – or those of your customers. Demetallising plastic granules and regrind has been one of Verkooijen’s core activities since 1977. We specialise in small to mid-sized lots between 10 and 125 tonnes. Thanks to that focus, we are practically unbeatable in terms of delivery speed, response time, flexibility, quality, and methodology. It is no surprise that we are ISO 9001 certified.

Demetallising plastic granules and regrind

Demetallising is one of our core specialisms. Demetallisation is a unique art, an expert craft. Numerous lots of plastic granules or regrind take an inadvertent wrong turn into off-spec. Dirty, contami-nated with dust, trash, ferrous and non-ferrous scrap – but you have already promised the customer, and time is running out. A single call to Verkooijen will often solve the problem. Within just a few workdays (longer is okay, too), your lot of plastic granules or regrind is clean, completely free of ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants. We are always happy to discuss your specific situation – and help you find your ideal solution. That iss Value Added Logistics: the best service imaginable, at the best possible price.

Demetallising = Adding value = Increasing margin

Demetallising does more than just prevent damage during the manufacturing process. By thoroughly cleaning your lot of plastic granules or regrind, transforming it from off-spec to near-prime quality, you greatly increase its value – at a cost that is just a fraction of that increase. The specific numbers differ from lot to lot, but a quick discussion with one of our specialists will let you know just how much you stand to gain. From experience, we know that the bottom line nearly always produces a smile – on your face, to be specific. And on ours, for that matter, because we love what we do! That is how things work in Hoogstraten: you get back less (weight) than you gave us, and it brings in more profit for you. Take a look at what our customers think about that.

Removing ferrous and non-ferrous contamination

You’ll be surprised how much ferrous and non-ferrous contamination a lot of plastic granules or regrind can contain. From entire screws, bolts, nuts, washers, blades, and threaded rods to staples, nails, bits of blade, and other iron, steel, or wire fragments. Our demetallising machine can handle a maximum of 5 tonnes per hour, in which an ingenious system of extremely powerful magnets, rotational forces, and exhaust ventilation removes 99.99 percent of the unwanted contamination from the granules or regrind. That improves the lot’s specification (and thus its resale value) from off-spec to near-prime.
Why don’t you give us a try? Our customers did, and most have been coming back for decades!

Efficient demetallising system

Verkooijen owns a custom-made demetalllising machine, with a capacity of 5 tonnes of plastic granules or regrind per hour. The system is specially designed to remove ferrous and non-ferrous contamination from a wide variety of plastic granule and regrind compositions, in a way that does not damage your material. Built-in technology eliminates the inevitable static charge, so that the metal can be effectively removed from the granules or regrind.

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