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Family business with a personal approach

The Verkooijen family founded the company in 1977. From the start, and that is now more than 40 years ago, we have worked along the same principles. First of all, we like to see our customers as people. We therefore make real work of putting our customer at the centre. We advise, deliver customisation, solve any issues and meet our commitments. We always focus on long-term relationships. And we attach a lot of value to an unambiguous approach with clear arrangements. These traditional principles hold ground very well in the modern company that we now are. The confidence that our customers have put in us for years, confirms our conviction that this is a valuable approach.

warehouse capacity near Antwerp
warehouse capacity near Antwerp

Logistic partner, specialised in plastics and rubber

Verkooijen has developed into a company with specialised expertise and know-how in the fields of warehousing, upgrading and transport and logistics, warehousing and logistics. The core activity here is upgrading and processing plastics, granules and regrind.


Value added logistics

Verkooijen provides added value in numerous aspects in the field of plastics, granules and regrind. We take care of the entire process in the chain: from transport to processing and upgrading, and from storage to delivery.
Every day, we are dedicated to serving traders in plastics and producers of plastic raw materials and plastic end products. We also work together with insurers and claim administrators of plastics.

Provision of the highest quality logistics services

We are as ambitious as the cliché sounds. Quality, in the sense of making and retaining satisfied customers, is what we do it for. Why we are so successful: the Verkooijen team lives for achieving quality. Our medium-sized scale, our mentality, our love for plastics, logistics and warehousing and last but not least our people… everything is focused on making and retaining satisfied customers. Making satisfied customers is one thing, retaining them is quite another. Significantly, virtually all our customers have been collaborating with us for many decades. As partners so to speak. This is how we envisage conducting business 3.0: connecting, focusing attention on common interests and targets, and working together towards the best achievable result. That is what we mean by our slogan: Value Added Logistics.


Latest news

Covid 19: our offices are open. In view of Covid-19 our offices are no longer closed. All staff is working at the office. We are fully operational and able to handle all your requests and needs.