About us

A personal approach

Verkooijen was founded in 1977. We run the company according to our founders’ principles, our core values, every single day. In the more than forty years of our existence, we have always focused on what we call Value Added Logistics. The plastic granule and regrind market is our domain. There’s so much that can go wrong between the production of plastic commodities and their delivery to the customer – so that’s where we focus our attention and expertise, because those mistakes must never reach your or your customers’ expensive extruders and injection moulding machines.

A unique position

It seems so easy, carving out a slice of the giant (and growing) plastics market pie. But that’s not what has made us such a success!
From the very start, we have focused on an important market niche: upgrading plastic granules and regrind. All kinds of contamination can occur during the logistics process: blending the wrong granules together, damage to packaging and containers, lots that get drenched in seawater during transport, you name it. And all of it harms the quality – and thus the value – of your commodities. So much so, in fact, that those damaged lots of plastic granules and regrind would ruin the end users’ machinery.

Value added logistics for traders, manufacturers and insurers

For the past forty years, we have been able to grow our company thanks to the continued trust and patronage of a large circle of steady clients. We serve a broad variety of customers; we are the ideal plastics logistics provider for the following groups:
– Traders in plastic granules and regrind
– Manufacturers of prime plastic granules
– Manufacturers of plastic end products
– Insurers and claims handlers who often appraise transport damage to plastic granule and regrind lots

Latest news

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