Bonded warehousing

We are licenced for type E customs warehousing with all the facilities for type D. We can effortlessly handle all your customs procedures for you.
Bonded warehousing is an economic customs arrangement that regulates the storage of goods imported from another country whose destination may not yet be known. A bonded warehouse functions as a sealed storage area: as long as the goods stay in the bonded warehouse, no import duties have to be paid. There is no time limit to this type of storage. Our customs bonded warehouse licence does not tie us to a specific location or space; we can store goods that are under customs control at multiple locations

Our strengths as a bonded warehouse:

  • We continuously monitor the goods using our proven WMS inventory control system.
  • We provide the guarantee to Customs for the stored goods.
  • Storage areas are not guarded or locked by Customs.
  • We inform Customs of goods received and shipped.

In general, the stored goods are expected to freely enter the EU market at some future time. For goods that will leave storage to enter the EU market, import duties are calculated at the time the goods are received at the bonded warehouse. As a result, the goods may be appraised differently when leaving storage than they would be at other warehouse types.

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