More than forty years of sieving experience

We have over forty years of experience in sieving plastic granules and regrind. We sieve plastics that are contaminated in all kinds of ways for traders, commodities manufacturers, end product manufacturers, and insurers. We turn off-spec into valuable near-prime in no time! Every type of granule and regrind has its own individual mechanical, chemical, and thermal characteristics, which can affect the degree to which the product can be effectively sieved and cleaned.

Sieving is a matter of preservation

When sieving granules and regrind, it is extremely important to use a sieve that preserves the structure of the individual granules. Otherwise, you may create additional dust or fine particles, causing the final product to no longer meet the desired specification. For that matter, not every type of granule or regrind is suitable for sieving. Because we want to serve you long and well, we always work with you to find the best solution for your specific situation. And we almost always succeed!

Sieving with an unlimited sieving range

To sieve granules, we use a state-of-the-art sieving system. Our three-layer sieving machine of high-grade stainless steel is specially designed to preserve the structure of fragile products, and perfectly suited for sieving every conceivable type and composition of plastic granules and regrind. Our sieves cover a nearly unlimited sieving range. The three sieves can be used simultaneously, to separate three different fractions in a single processing pass.

Check check double check

After each pass, we carry-out a thorough quality check. Only ‘Quality Control’ approved – clean or homogenised – lots of granules or regrind are released for further processing or delivery. After sieving, the lot can undergo additional processing (such as dedusting f.i.) or be packed or repacked in every conceivable type of packaging, such as FFS bags, big bags, octabins, containers, or bulk trucks. Bring us your granules or regrind packaged any way you like; we can pack or repack it in every conceivable packaging. You choose the type and volume of your packaging, and the desired destination.

Top-of-line sieving technology

Verkooijen has a three-layer sieving machine with a capacity of approximately 2.5 tonnes of plastic granules or regrind per hour.

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